Choosing a copywriter should be a personal decision

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who dreamed about becoming a writer… or so the story goes. 

From as far back as I can remember, I was always telling stories, dreaming up characters and their adventures, and then transferring them from my head onto the page.  I wrote in every spare moment throughout high school and university.

Then the real world set in.  I left the written word behind for the corporate space where I learned the ins and outs of developing the customer experience, brand building, and the power of communication.

I re-entered the world of writing when I became a parent. It was then that I discovered a solution to my struggle to find a perfect career (balancing family and work-life) was at my fingertips.  I learned the art of pitching and putting myself out there as a freelance writer, reaching out to magazines at first, and then eventually to businesses.

So, why am I sharing this story?

Choosing to work with a writer requires trust.  If you want to get down to the roots of your business, you need to allow yourself to be open and vulnerable.

Challenges and hardships are shared so that the writer can help you reveal how these have shaped and evolved your business. 

Understanding your writer’s journey will help you discern if you’ve made the right choice.  And that is why, today, I’ve decided to make myself vulnerable and share my story.

My dream was to become a fiction writer because I love stories.  I love reading them, writing them, and sharing them. 

But here’s the crazy thingꟷ when I began to write for the world of non-fiction, I discovered what truly inspired me were those true-to-life tales.

Tales of starting a business from scratch, the turmoil, the strength, and the perseverance. 

Stories that showcase how a company’s values came to light. 

I love hearing the passion that exudes from someone’s voice when they talk about the next chapter of their business.  

I enjoy helping businesses peel back the layers  to discover their voice, what makes them unique, and how to connect with their audience.

I am a writer. 

I see the world in stories. I see the possibilities of the written word and how it is so necessary to build relationships, foster understanding, and drive change.  

I believe that the written word is a catalyst for change. 

As a journalist, I strive to tell the story from the perspective of the individual that journeyed through it.  If there are multiple parties involved, I want to hear all sides. I want to know what has shaped each person’s journey and how this has evolved the story.

When choosing a writer, take your time. 

Read their stories. 

Discover their values and choose one that reflects yours. 

Look for somebody that is committed to the story-telling process, someone who will ask those hard questions to help discover and reveal your business’s unique magic.